Cham Bank the main sponsor of the first investment conference - Hama


Cham Bank, the first Islamic bank in Syria, sponsored the first investment conference and the role of development projects in support of the national economy, which was held in Hama city in the presence of the Minister of State, Mrs. Wafika Hosni, represented by the Prime Minister Eng. Imad Khamis, Mr. Hamza Qusabashi, the heads of some public and private universities in Syria, and some juridical figures. Also, the manager of Cham branch in Hama Mr. Abdul Aziz Sabbagh.


The conference, which was launched by the Syrian National Society for Economics and Administration, lasted for three days, and included meetings and seminars on the current opportunities and the future vision of the investment reality in Syria.


“Cham Bank's sponsorship of the conference aim to exploring the investment opportunities available in the central region and is an important step in the formulation of a new investment vision for the reconstruction phase” said Mr. Ahmad Al-Laham, CEO of Cham Bank. He added: “The conference illustrates the importance of development projects to promote the national economy, stressing the importance of the role of banks in the dissemination and spreading banking services in Syria, and the need to seize opportunities and implement economic initiatives to achieve real and successful investment.”



The conference included a comprehensive explanation of the obstacles faced by the Syrian economy with proposals, solutions and economic recommendations to increase the chances of success of the economic reality in Syria. The conference also stressed the need to develop the legal and legislative environment for investment and reconstruction. The attendees stressed the most prominent industries to focus on in the current and future stage; the participants reviewed the government strategy for the development of foreign trade and follow up its implementation to ensure the development of Syrian exports.