CHAM Bank shareholders

CHAM BANK shares have been listed in Damascus Stock Exchange and in response to special request to complete shareholder data records, we kindly ask all CHAM BANK shareholders to  fill the special shareholders data form either thru referring to one of the following CHAM BANK branches:

Head Office branch: Damascus  - Najmeh Square


Alep branch:  Faisal street


Homs branch: Jouret Alshaih – Ibn Khaldoun street


Lattakia branch: 8th Athar street, next to Police Head Quarter


Sehnaya branch: Dara highway start, next to Shamseen bakery


 Hama branch: Quowatli street


Dara branch: Joumhouriya street


Mazzeh branch: Mazzeh highway, next to Engineers syndicate


Hariqa branch: Abdul Qader Alhussaini street


Tartous branch: Meena street 

Or thru downloading the form thru this link

Filling the data and send to email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Which will provide correct and complete data to speed up the listing of CHAM BANK shares in the Damascus Stitch Exchange.

We thank you for your kind cooperation.


Questions on Shares:


Can we finance buying the shares thru postponed  Murabaha ?


It is permissible to finance buying shares thru postponed Murabaha after being owned by the Bank if the legitimacy conditions are met for the companies of the bought shares according to standard of buying and financing money bills from the legitimacy standards issued by the Auditing and Accounting Commission for Islamic Banks, and does not apply on shares offered for subscription at the establishment or when these companies offers shares to increase the equity capital.


What is the rule on investing on Islamic Banks although these banks' assets are predominantly  cash and debit  ?


If part of the  bank equity assets is converted to assets, notably (goods and real estates), and benefits (tenements rental), there is no problem on circulation of bank shares by an agreeable price between the seller and the buyer, according to the principal of subsidiarity, and that the selling is focused on assets, and cash and debits are subsidized, the bank may mediate between the seller and the buyer in an identified commission, the bank must avoid transaction based on illegal speculations, risk –taking and phony.     


Contact us

Main Branch - Al Najmeh Square

Tel. : 00963-11-33919

Call center :00963-11-9398

Fax : 00963-11-3348731

P.O. Box: 33979 D


About us

Cham Bank, private bank in the charter of a Syrian Joint stock company, Was established on the 7th of Sep 2006 With a capital of 6,000,000,000 Syrian Pounds and registered at the Commercial Register under No.14809 dated January the 24th 2007(the 5th of Muharram 1428), and registered at the Syrian Central Bank under No. 15.

Cham Bank is the first Islamic bank in Syria to take the Islamic Sharia approach. The Bank s operations and activities (With Keeping customer’s names anonymous) are subject to the Central bank of Syria and the Islamic committee monitoring.