Year after creating Quality System, 

 Cham bank Owns the latest version of Quality Management System certificate (ISO-9001-2015)


Cham Bank, the first Islamic bank in Syria got an upgrade to the certificate of quality management system according to the latest version, (ISO-9001-2015).

 The (ISO-9001-2015) specification adopt a thinking methodology in order to avoid and reduce risk, which is the core of the protective measures by using of a strategic and operational planning wish is compatible with the best standards, and to take advantage of the available opportunities to evaluate the risk and work to reduce it, also to contribute in the continues growth of Cham Bank business.

 In light of this, Mr. Ahmed Al-Laham, CEO of Cham Bank, said: “this step is considered a consolidation step with shareholders and our dear customers, from businessmen, citizens and beneficiaries also it is a commitment step to meet their needs, and to follow Cham bank motto –trust, safe, commitment– in words and deeds, it also reflects the extent of strength of the administrative and banking system in Cham bank, and dependence on the best and modern methods, and practices. 

 The upgrade came in accordance with international standards for quality management system, after Cham bank  successfully passed the external auditing process conducted by the Global "SGS" company Geneva-based, -a leading global company in the field of inspection, investigation, testing and certification.

 The auditing process included assuring the effectiveness of the former Quality Management System (ISO-9001-2008), assess the extent to which requirements related to modern specifications, and match quality system with the desired objectives, thus the Cham Bank in the list of the few banks that got this global certificate.