Forum of Islamic banks holds its business under the sponsorship  of Cham Bank, which was held in Damascus University Headquarter building, Reda Saeed hall, the importance of the participation of Cham Bank in this forum which is considered as an significant opportunity  to highlight the Islamic economy and  its features and the definition of the most important Islamic modes of financing and the extent of their efficiency and to indicate the economic impact and social characteristic of the Islamic economics.

Mr. Majed Al Azmah, Assistant General Manager for banking services at Cham Bank talked: about the achievements of the bank in recent years, and the Bank's role in the crisis on the social and economical level, and stressed the importance of sponsoring this event based on the social responsibility of Cham Bank to support the Syrian youth and enable and enhance his chances of entering the work market, and meet the great desire of Economy students to be acquainted  with Islamic economics in the banking and financial sector and provide them with all the information related to this economical system and transfer our  experience to them through a variety of events and activities based on interaction and discussion and break down the barriers between the student and between these institutions in order to help him enter the labor market with confidence and greater ability.

He pointed out that we must highlight the governing criteria for the work of Islamic banks due to the increasing demand for Islamic economics in order to clarify the differences and fundamental differences between Islamic banking and conventional banking from the practical side in addition the comparison between different accounts, forms of finance and Murabaha and the governing laws, Shariaa and accounting between Islamic banks and Others.