Cham Bank supports 250 families’ vouchers on Ramadan


Cham bank introduced food vouchers for /250/ family of orphans and poor registered with Al-Ghaith charity, due to its social role during the holy month of Ramadan.


The aim of this initiative is to provide psychosocial support, as well as financial support to the oppressed, by making them choose the materials they want to buy rather than forcing food parcels of specific varieties; as well as raising the social and psychological status of poor families by giving them the chance to attend public places for shopping and community participation.


Mr. Ahmed Al-Laham Chief Executive Officer of Cham Bank, stressed the role and mission of social Bank of Syria and his eagerness for the fourth year to continue its cooperation with charitable initiatives in order to provide support and assistance to families throughout the year, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, confirming  the noble values and meanings of this month especially in the areas of social solidarity, as Mr. Ahmed noted that this step is a sustainable social responsibility programs that are keen on Sham Bank, also stressing the need to work hard and all concerted efforts to make a positive impact and concrete to raise the standard of living and secure sustainable decent living in the community.



It is worth mentioning that Cham Bank allows all its customers the opportunity to contribute and support for orphans and the poor registered with Al-Ghaith charity through self-employed donation in Cham Bank as one of the non-profit organizations through the account number /001-2999/.