Cham Bank Wins “Best Bank in Syria” Award

Growth & Outstanding Performance


Cham Bank won “Best Bank in Syria” award in terms of growth and outstanding performance, by CPI-Financial, Banker-Middle East magazine, at gala dinner attended by /500/ Arab and international economic and banking figures, on 2017.05.11, at Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai.


The award was received by Mr. Ahmed Al-Laham, Chief Executive Officer of Cham Bank, and he thanked Mr. Saleh Al-Akrabi, Chairman of CPI-Financial. He expressed his pleasure and pride in this success. He said that “it is an affirmation of the role and position of Cham Bank in its areas of presence and reputation alongside its efforts and its role in offering competitive and innovative products and services that meet the needs of customers.”


Mr. Ahmed Al-Laham also praised the bank's strategy, which contributed to the growth of the bank's business, increasing its profits and expanding its customer base. He also praised the significant role played by Cham Bank in financing commercial companies, exporters, small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance their role in supporting the national economy focusing on the Bank's positive role in supporting the community through the launch of many humanitarian and development initiatives within the social responsibility programs.


He concluded by saying that this award gives Cham Bank the responsibility and great motive   to continue success and strive for the best.