Fourth year in a row...Cham Bank sponsors the "Economic Days4"


For the fourth year in a row, Cham Bank, the first Islamic bank in Syria sponsored "Economic Days 4" event, launched by the Sanad Team for Development with the aim of providing 100 hours of training to economy students in various disciplines, in order to adapt their scientific outputs to the requirements of the labor market.


In addition to sponsorship of the event, Cham provided 20 training hours for 40 students from banking and insurance in economics colleges at a number of Syrian universities. The training in foreign trade was provided by Mr. Maad Al-Faris, Director of Foreign Trade Department at Cham Bank, he talked about foreign trade business and what policies, credits and guarantees. He also stressed the need to enable the English language and knowledge of the terms adopted globally in this area.


Mr. Samer Yabroudi, Manager of Al Cham Branch in Al-Mazza District, presented a workshop on the operation of branches, where he talked about the emergence of Cham Bank, the difference between Islamic banks and conventional banks, and types of bank accounts.


Mr. Ahmad Al-Laham, Chief Executive Officer of Cham Bank, said: “The support of Sanad Team for Development extends the Bank's contribution to community service in general and to student in particular through practical training opportunities, it also gives added value to the dedication of the concept of work, social responsibility, dissemination and promotion of banking awareness and culture.



In conclusion, it is noted that these training provide students with an opportunities to learn the nature of banking industry, through workshops that enrich their theoretical knowledge with practical performances, and dialogue sessions with specialists to answer all their questions, as well as to acquaint students with the work privacy and behaviors required in banking.