Cham Bank... Golden Sponsor of “Syria Mod Exhibition”


Spring-Summer 2017


Sponsored by Cham Bank, the first Islamic bank in Syria, “Syria Mod” Exhibition opened in spring - summer 2017.


With the golden patronage of Cham Bank, the first Islamic bank in Syria, the exhibition “Syria Mod” spring-summer of 2017 opened with the presence of the Minister of Industry Ahmad Al Hamo, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Adib Mayala, Minister of Finance Dr. Mammon Hamdan, Minister for Investment Salwa Abdullah, President of the Syrian Exporters Union Mr. Mohammad Al-Sawah, members of chambers of commerce and industry in different provinces and representatives of accredited embassies in Syria during the days of 26.27.28/03/2017 in three hotels at the center of Damascus.


The bank's sponsorship of “Syria Mod” exhibition, which is organized by the Syrian Exporters' Union, is based on the Bank's keenness to maintain a constant presence in events, exhibitions and conferences that contribute to support the economy and Syrian banking sectors. Foremost of which is to provide optimal and innovative financial solutions to industrialists, traders and exporters.


Cham Bank has a great interest in supporting the Syrian economic movement and trusts the great ability of the Syrian industrialists and traders when given support and care.


Mr. Ahmad Al-Laham, Chief Executive Officer of Cham Bank, said: “We are keen to continue participating in such exhibitions as part of our efforts to support the economic movement in Syria, and its business community.”



Over 700 businessmen from many Arab countries and 175 Syrian companies participated in the exhibition representing hundreds of factories and workshops from Syrian provinces.