Cham Bank trains staff of Ministry of Tourism in human resources


Cham Bank the first Islamic bank in Syria, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, carried a workshop on human resources management, during February 2017, in the training and conferences hall of the ministry.


Ms. Rama Yusuf -manager of human resources at Cham Bank- held the workshop in presence of thirty employees from different sectors of the Ministry of Tourism. She defined the human resource management, its objectives and tasks, such as job analysis, job description, good planning for the institution’s need of human resource, recruitment process, assure training and development for staff and enhance their skills. She also clarified to the attendees, the criteria that according to which wages and salaries are put, the method for evaluating the staff performance, beside considerations to maintain occupational health and safety to staff.


The training goals is to contribute in developing the staff of the Ministry of Tourism, improve their skills, enhance their abilities and develop it each according to his competence and field of work.


Cham bank out of his social responsibility is constantly keen to support all the sectors, not only the economic and banking one, but also to cover all human, development and others sectors.