Cham Bank Board of Directors  held  the  extraordinary General Assembly meeting in place of the regular one on Tuesday, June 30, 2015, in the "Zenobia" hall of  the Dama Rose hotel  in Damascus in the presence of a number of board members, representatives of Central Bank of Syria, the Ministry of Domestic Trade , the Securities Commission and a number of the Bank's shareholders.


During the meeting the agenda was discussed which includes,  hearing the Board of Directors report on the Bank’s Activity for the financial year 2014, and to ratify it, as well as to hear the report of the Sharia Supervisory Board on the extent of the bank's commitment to the provisions of Islamic law in exercising of its activities and ratify it, and to hear the auditor’s report about the budget , the conditions of the Bank, and its accounts for the last financial year, and ratify it.


Also during the meeting, the final budget and accounts that was held on 31/12/201 were discussed and ratified  and a decision was made related on the reserves  in accordance with the provisions of the laws that are applicable to banks, and clearance of the chairman, members of the board of directors and representatives of the company for  the financial year 2014.


In addition it has been discussed about the board of directors members compensations for 2014, and the election of the accounts auditor  for 2015, and authorize the Board of Directors to determine their compensations, and authorize the Board of Directors to sell real estate debit guarantees  possessed  by the bank, in addition to amend the statute of the Bank, and authorize the Board of Directors or his authorized representative to conduct all the necessary procedures, and get the approvals required for the amendment, also the Engineers association  Treasury announced the changing its representative in Cham Bank board of directors and reviewed the curriculum Viate  of the new board member Mr. Ahmad Khalil Shaikhi.

The General Manager of Cham Bank Ahmed Al Laham pointed out, that Cham Bank has achieved tangible development in all items and budget figures for 2014, especially in increasing the bank's assets that increased by 20.84% to reach, 68,799,861,439 SYP, and increasing the shareholders' equity of the bank by 30.18% to reach 9,842,542,339 SYP "


Mr. Al Laham  added that Cham Bank is preparing to open two new branches in Damascus and Tartous and another branch in the city of Damascus in Al Hariqa area in order for the bank to be in all major business districts in the capital after the opening of Mezze branch earlier this year as the bank seeks to re-open its branches in Homs and Sehnaya in Damascus countryside.


It is worth mentioning that the Cham Bank  is the first Islamic bank in Syria, was established and started work in the Syrian market in 2007, through the provision of banking services, and the practice of financing and investment business, with an authorized capital of 5 billion pounds, 50 million shares, and the number of shareholders of 3869 by the end of the second quarter of the current year.