The concept of social responsibility at Cham Bank is  considered very important, it is considered  apriority in the hierarchy of its work and goes along with the bank existence tasks. It is an advancement and superiority element  in the Syrian market through a package of established  values and foundations to the nature of its work.

In this year's holly month  of Ramadan, Cham Bank is distribution food baskets on the occasion of holy month of Ramadan in addition to food meals in cooperation with Gherass Association to families registered in the with the Association.
This initiative comes as part of the social responsibility program of the bank and an emphasis on the principle of social solidarity and the need for these initiatives   on various times that  targeting all classes.

It is noteworthy that the Gherass Association was  launched in 21/07/2014 and  aims to contribute to improving the social and developmental level for needy families with all possible forms of support through the provision of material and moral aid, in addition to pay attention to issues of training and rehabilitation through the establishment of centers for the needy to qualify them vocationally  and scientifically, and to contribute in maintaining the health and psychological environment of our society, and raise the level of awareness and culture in the community through seminars, lectures and various activities

It is worth mentioning that Cham Bank was the first Islamic bank in Syria that was established and started working  in the Syrian market on 2007, by providing banking services and practicing finance and investment business with an authorized capital of 5 billion Syrian pounds.