Based on the Strategic social responsibility of Cham Bank ,Cham Bank has  visited the project of Sakbat Ramadan and provided in-kind assistance for the project in addition to help in the preparation of Iftar meals to be distributed to the most needy and affected families in a large number of districts in Damascus and its surroundings


Cham Bank stressed that this initiative comes out from the bank's commitment to social responsibility and its role with the voluntary and charitable sectors, which aims to alleviate the suffering of those families and provide aid and assistance to them.

Cham Bank seeks through the adoption of social responsibility initiatives to a commitment to achieve a more solid base to enhance its contribution in the community.


It is worth mentioning that Sakbat Ramadan project aims to cook and prepare Iftar meals to be distributed to poor families and the most needy in a large number of districts in Damascus and its surroundings. "Sakbat Ramadan" initiative primarily relies on in-kind contributions of basic and complementary materials and that are offered by donors whether individuals or organizations..

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Cham Bank, private bank in the charter of a Syrian Joint stock company, Was established on the 7th of Sep 2006 With a capital of 6,000,000,000 Syrian Pounds and registered at the Commercial Register under No.14809 dated January the 24th 2007(the 5th of Muharram 1428), and registered at the Syrian Central Bank under No. 15.

Cham Bank is the first Islamic bank in Syria to take the Islamic Sharia approach. The Bank s operations and activities (With Keeping customer’s names anonymous) are subject to the Central bank of Syria and the Islamic committee monitoring.