On the occasion of the start of the new academic year ,Cham Bank distributed stationery supplies to students enrolled in the Gherass Development Association.” This event was held  in the presence of the bank's employees and association officials. On his part Cham Bank general manager Ahmad Al Laham emphasized that the bank contribution comes from his  belief in the importance of supporting education, knowledge and students in need and within the framework of the bank social responsibility, where the education sector in particular has  a remarkable importance within the bank business agenda .

Cham Bank concentrates on the importance of the education sector, which represents a fundamental pillar of the development of any society, From here, the Bank will continue to support this vital sector  which is considered the base for development and  stressing the important role of the private sector in supporting the education sector in various fields and in various means and methods, and the importance of students services .

It is noteworthy that the Gherass Development Association was launched in  21/07/2014, which aims to contribute to improve the social and development level of families in need in all possible forms of support by providing material and moral aids, in addition to pay attention to issues of training and rehabilitation through the establishment of centers for the needy to qualify them professionally and scientifically and to contribute in maintaining the healthy  and psychological environment of our society, and raise the community awareness and cultural level through seminars, lectures and various activities

It is worth mentioning that Cham Bank was the first Islamic bank in Syria that was established and started working  in the Syrian market on 2007, by providing banking services and practicing finance and investment business with an authorized capital of 5 billion Syrian pounds.