Shares Zakat payment


يقول الله تعالى}وأقيموا الصلاة وآتوا الزكاة وأطيعوا الرسول لعلكم ترحمون{النور 56

وقال صلى الله عليه وسلم (وما منع قوم الزكاة إلا منعوا القطر من السماء )

 Based on the bank's commitment to the provisions of Islamic Sharia law and where that zakat one of the five pillars of Islam, the Bank annually calculates Zakat due on the bank by identifying the zakat pot and money involved in it and then Sharia Supervisory Board consider and before the financial statements is issued and before   the Zakat mechanism calculations it  checks the terms involved in this pot and issues its decision in the percentage  of Zakat due to shareholders based on the figures provided to them, and since the bank is not authorized on paying  zakat on behalf of the shareholders,  the responsibility of paying Zakat rests with shareholders each year. The  shareholders in terms of their performance in paying the zakat are divided into :
Some acquires shares to develop and obtain profit as a result of the bank operation, this type pays his zakat according to the specific percentage specified by the bank.

The second part they possess shares in order for trading and obtain profit from the difference between the purchase price and selling price, and this type pays zakat at 2.5% of the market stock price on the date of paying the zakat.  

The zakat for trading stocks are calculated according to the following equation:

The number of shares × the share value on the date of zakat paying x zakat percentage
and the zakat percentage: for the Hijri year 2.5%

for the calendar year the percentage is 2,577 for the normal year and 2.5775 for the leap year.

The zakat for the development shares is calculated according to the following equation:

Number of shares x  the amount of the zakat for one share

The  zakat for one share during the previous years:


Zakat Percentage%

















 Zakat is calculated trading shares according to the following equation:
 The number of shares × market value of the shares on paying Zakat × percentage of Zakat
And the ratio of Zakat for the Islamic New Year 2.5%
As for the calendar year shall be 2.577 percentage normal for the year and 2.5775 for the year leap.
What percentage should be assessed to pay zakat for the AD timing which is applicable in the current financial,  and is it permissible to rush to pay the Zakat?
the shares Zakat in Cham Bank is estimated after the bank's balance sheet is announced , at the end of the year, and  who wants to rush pays the zakat  under the Zakat calculation, the shareholder at the end of the calendar bank year at a rate of 2.577%.

What is the ruling the zakat for mixed money  if it  reaches the minimum threshold without reaching a quorum Co share?
The Commission considers working on the principle that Zakat is due on the mixed money if it reaches the minimum threshold without requiring co attain a share of a quorum and therefore the commission necessitated the following:
The Zakat on each shareholder regardless of whether the total share equity funds or a quorum is not reached.
The Zakat to the holders of investment deposit accounts and savings accounts holders regardless of the amount in the account, whether the total customer funds reached a quorum or not.