Speech by theChairman of the Board


I would like to welcome you to the world of high-end banking services and investments under the umbrella of Islamic Sharia, and I invite you to deal with the first Islamic bank was established in the Syrian Arab Republic , Where each client finds his goal in the service of dedication and innovation in the development of appropriate banking solutions in a time when Islamic banking has received an increasing demand from customers, It has a high level of appreciation as an distinct Islamic alternative oftraditional commercial banking services

The culture of Cham Bank and principles based on fundamental and important element represented inproviding our customers with high quality service with an excellent level and great reliability, And the first full service Islamic bank in the Syrian Arab Republic, the Cham Bank became one of the distinct banksin the provision of Islamic banking, and thus it establishes the standards in this vital field with increased demand for such services, which attract a wide range of dealers. We are in Cham Bank always keen to earn the loyalty of our customers and to achieve complete satisfaction by providing them with a range of banking services, products and solutions specifically designed to meet all their needs.

Despite the recent establishment of Cham Bank we are committed to providing the highest standards of banking services in accordance with Islamic Sharia'a, but we hire the best and latest technologies in all banking transactions, Cham Bankbelieves in success throughtrue partnership with our customers in Halal earning, and employ the latest techniques of automated services and bank approved by the Bank's Sharia'a Supervisory Board.

And while we are proud to be the first Islamic bank in Syria, we promise our customers that we are working as one team to achieve leadership in all areas of Islamic banking for the benefit of our shareholders, customers and community.

As part of our social responsibility we give a great importance to the community which we work in and always try to contribute to the development of all possible aspects through the deployment of the concepts of Islamic banking and to provide all new in this area

Accordingly, the scope of our work in Cham Bank covers the total of the important values, a part of itproviding innovative solutions and compatible with the provisions of Islamic law which meet our customers aspirations, With the achievement of economic value added for shareholders to employ rational governance frameworks and risk management effectively, in addition to designing and managing programs to meet the urgent needs of our society in the areas of job creation, education and social welfare.

We also have a firm commitment towards our business partners is to strengthen our position in the business community and the practice and promotion of responsible competitiveness.

And have a strong commitment to our employees is to attract and improve the human capabilities and maintain and develop the recognition of the importance of the human element in the progress of our bank


Ali Yousef Al Audi

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Main Branch - Al Najmeh Square

Tel. : 00963-11-33919

Call center :00963-11-9398

Fax : 00963-11-3348731

P.O. Box: 33979 D


About us

Cham Bank, private bank in the charter of a Syrian Joint stock company, Was established on the 7th of Sep 2006 With a capital of 6,000,000,000 Syrian Pounds and registered at the Commercial Register under No.14809 dated January the 24th 2007(the 5th of Muharram 1428), and registered at the Syrian Central Bank under No. 15.

Cham Bank is the first Islamic bank in Syria to take the Islamic Sharia approach. The Bank s operations and activities (With Keeping customer’s names anonymous) are subject to the Central bank of Syria and the Islamic committee monitoring.