ATM Service

ChamBank supplys his customers by wide network of ATM tellers in all branchesof bank

 by corporate with other bank and corporates


Head Office & Main Branch- Al-Najmeh Square

Mazraa-al Malek al Adel street

Mazeh Branch - highway-mazzeh-Damascuse.

Mazeh Branch- ATM for cars

Mazeh - syrian telecom 

Harika Branch -abdl qader alhusyni street

Sahnaya Branch - Highway Daraa

Sahnaya Branch - Highway Daraa -Town Center Mall

Damascus International Airport ATM

Aleppo Branch - Al Faisal Street.

Aleppo Branch - Azezia Street

Hama Branch - Al Quwatly Street.

Daraa Branch -AlJomhoria Street

Lattakia Branch - west kornish Street.

Tartous Branch - mena street.

 Homs Branch -kornish street.